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Specialist booking VIP Limousine, 24/7 limousine VIP booking 3 regions: North, Central and South.

About Limousine Bus

A limousine is a term used to refer to a premium business vehicle with interior and separated compartments between seats and driver’s seats. Limousine is usually designed with a long body with large distances between the wheels, often used by senior officials, or merchants. Even inside the car, you can celebrate your own party thanks to the spacious and comfortable facilities. Later, an innovative limousine product used by wealthy artists or merchants for meeting and moving service is introduced. In Vietnam, understanding the needs of passengers, bus owners boldly invest in business class cars for passengers traveling on many tourist routes. Just as expected, passengers love its qualities; and the most important is how does the passenger felt when they seat on this bus. is the largest and the most reputable platform in Vietnam Cooperating with Dichung service to provide services from limousine companies covering the nationwide routes. With the mission of revolutionizing the Vietnamese bus industry, contributing to your happier journey, has been a platform helping limousine firms reach the VIP market, who are first – adopters, love using technology and online payment. By the spirit of enthusiasm and daring to think, the whole TaxiSanBayRe team has increased the average number of new customers to bus operator for more than 20%. Especially passenger on Da Lat route has increased more than 50%. In the future, with the development of technology, the number of customers and online payment increases each days, is honored to be the companion with the bus owners to bring the safest and most convenient trip for passengers.

Limousine car image

Limousine ticket booking "SPECIALIZED"


In order to meet the needs of traveling, traveling and returning to their homeland at the weekend, DiChung has expanded the Limousine line from 9 to 16 seats on many different routes.

Desiring to bring the best experience to customers: booking cars easily, conveniently to the place you need, moving quickly, safely and economically.

Northern VIP Limousine

Price list of high-class cars from Hanoi to the Northern provinces.

RoutePrice (VND / seat) 
Hà Nội – SaPa350.000Detail
Hà Nội – Ninh Bình135.000 – 220.000Detail
Hà Nội – Mai Châu220.000Detail
Hà Nội – Bắc Giang100.000 (Samco 16 seats)Detail
Hà Nội – Lạng Sơn180.000Detail
Hà Nội – Thái Nguyên120.000 (GRAND SEDONA)Detail
Hà Nội – Phú Thọ120.000 – 160.000Detail
Hà Nội – Hà Giang250.000Detail
Hà Nội – Hạ Long200.000 – 250.000Detail
Hà Nội – Mộc Châu220.000Detail

Southern VIP Limousine

Limousine VIP car rental price list from 9 seats to 18 seats from Ho Chi Minh City to places like Mui Ne, Vung Tau, Da Lat, …..

RoutePrice (VND / seat) 
Hồ Chí Minh – Vũng Tàu150.000 – 170.000Detail
Hồ Chí Minh – Mũi Né200.000 – 250.000Detail
Hồ Chí Minh – Đà Lạt350.000Detail

VIP Limousine, Central Vietnam

Limousine price list. 9 seats from Hanoi to some Central provinces.

RoutePrice (VND / seat) 
Hà Nội – Thanh Hóa140.000 – 180.000Detail
Hà Nội – Nghệ An270.000 – 380.000Detail

Advantages of VIP Limousine

– Quality of seats/ beds: Make the seat for passengers more spacious, equipped with thick cushion seats help them feel comfortable by changing the size of the seat. Whether the route is long or short, normal seat will make passengers tired. But with business class cars, passengers can easily relax in the car.

xe Limousine- hinh022

Interior of 9-seat VIP Limousine

– Interior: Renovated with European leather, which are not only convenient for long journeys, but also smooth and unobstructed like normal leather seats. Moreover, there are also many modern facilities such as television, mini fridge, USB socket, reading light, high-end sound system, etc. The distance between the seats/beds is very reasonable, comfortable, not cramming. This always meets the demand for luxury and comfort feeling during the journey.

Nội thất xe limousine giườngNội thất xe limousine giường

Interior of bed VIP Limousine

– Space: With wider distances between seats, private space of passengers will be more respected and comfortable, avoiding collisions with other passengers during travel.

– Utilities: Fully equipped with standard utilities such as air conditioning, blanket cover, water. The plus point for Vip cars is the addition of a refrigerator, 19-inch led TV, reading light system, footrest, etc. To meet all needs and make the passenger more comfortable.

Nội thất xe giường cabin limousineNội thất xe giường cabin limousine

Limousine cabin bed car interior

– Travel time: Limousine has a smaller size than normal travel vehicle, so the travel time will be shorter and easier, which help save time for passengers. The limousine bed during the journey is smoother. Besides, the size of the bed makes the passengers can stay straight, much more comfortable than the regular bed.

xe Limousine- hinh024

Attentive service, dedicated.

– Transfer / Pickup: Limousine seats with compact size, easy to run routes in the city center to pick up passengers. They are no longer required to go to the bus station, just make an online booking and wait for the bus to pick up.

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