Noi Bai Airport Taxi

Comfortable like private car at the price of bus We wait if your flight delay - Fixed price, no hidden costs - Free cancellation

⏰ Ha Noi – Noi Bai only 110K & Noi Bai – Hanoi only 180k 🔥

Taxi Noi Bai – Cheap Hanoi Taxi online. Online car reservation 24/7 – Transparent display price. Book now! Professional service. Delivery on time.  

Noi Bai Taxi is one of the optimal low-cost airport taxi services that DiChungTaxi is deploying at 20 airports in the territory of Vietnam besides Tan San Nhat Airport Taxi , Da Nang Airport Taxi , …

Currently at Noi Bai airport , passengers can use this service in two full forms: BUSY AND SEPARATE.
With the form of PAIRING , passengers will save at least 40% compared to conventional airport taxi fares.

Taxi price Noi Bai airport

Taxi prices from Hanoi to Noi Bai airport

Taxi đi ra sân bay Taxi-sharing Private Car (Taxi)
Price/Person Price/Car
Cheapest price*
Cheapest price*
110.000VND 170.000VND
Sedan 3 people
Sedan 3 people
130.000VND 180.000VND
SUV 5 people
SUV 5 people
130.000VND 200.000VND
Minivan 12 people
Minivan 12 people

The more airport taxis, the cheaper the price!

Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi City Center Taxi (Price for one way)

Taxi sân bay đi Taxi-sharing Private Car
Price/Person Price/Car
Cheapest Price*
Cheapest Price*
180.000VND 250.000VND
Sedan 3 people
Sedan 3 people
200.000VND 270.000VND
SUV 5 people
SUV 5 people
220.000VND 290.000VND
Minivan 12 people
Xe 16 chỗ

The more airport taxis, the cheaper the price!

Prices updated on July 1, 2020.


– The above prices apply to the districts of Hoan Kiem, Tay Ho, Ba Dinh and Cau Giay. For wards and districts farther than the price of a taxi, there can be a difference of 20,000 – 30,000 VND.
– Prices do not change even when there is no transplant guests.
– For trips at night, passengers have to book the car before 21:00 the day before.


  • Bonus 10,000 VND to your account when you book online, apply for customers using the service for the first time!
  • Discount of VND 30,000 if you book 15 days in advance .
  • Free 1 hour waiting at airport for all 2-way booking customers.
  • Free cancellation (no charge if canceled before 1 hour compared to departure time)

Why should you choose Airport Taxi?

As a partner of DiChungTaxi. At Noi Bai International Airport With 2 forms of private and carpooling, TaxiSanBayRe will help you move from Noi Bai airport to locations inside and outside Hanoi city in the most convenient, fast and safest way.

5 Your benefits:

✔️  Chờ đợi miễn phí: không tính phí cho 60 phút chờ đầu tiên.
✔️  Đưa đón toàn quốc: đặt xe tại 20 sân bay của Việt Nam
✔️  Giá trọn gói: niêm yết công khai trên website, đã bao gồm phí cầu đường và bảo hiểm.
✔️  Phục vụ 24/7: đặt xe sân bay vào tất cả các ngày trong tuần
✔️ Hủy xe không mất phí: thay đổi lịch trình? Không sao! Bạn được miễn phí hủy xe chậm nhất trước khi đi 1 giờ.

3 Commitment:

✔️  Chắc chắn có xe: luôn có xe nếu bạn đặt trước tại, kể cả trong những ngày lễ Tết.
✔️  Punctuality, right route
✔️  Bồi thường nếu không hài lòng: DiChungTaxi có chính sách bồi thường cho bất cứ lý do nào làm bạn không hài lòng.

Let TaxiSanBayRe transport you and your family on upcoming trips!  

Guide to order Noi Bai taxi online

Booking instructions
Instructions for searching ticket codes
Instructions for canceling a reservation

As soon as your booking is successful, 1 SMS and 1 Email for ticket and trip information will be sent to the phone number and email address you provide. About 1 hour before departure, we will send you the shuttle information and driver’s phone number.

Hơn 1.2 triệu chuyến đưa đón sân bay đi đã được thực trên trên cả nước.

Taxi partners Noi Bai airport

With the number of more than 10,000 cars from the contractual partners and reputable airport taxi companies such as Taxi Group Airport, Mai Linh Airport Taxi, Northern Satsco Taxi, Thanh Cong Noi Bai Taxi, Viet Thanh Taxi, ABC Taxi , Taxi Three-star airport, … General Taxi brings you a service of Noi Bai airport shuttle with a variety of choices at the best prices!

Đối tác taxi sân bay

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